On-Demand Web Seminar  Addressing the digital needs for next-gen wealth clients

Hosted by On Wall Street

Let’s face it, the next generation of investor is taking a more hand’s on role with their finances. But going digital first is merely the start, not the end, of addressing these clients’ needs. Instead personalization is key, as is the idea of “financial wellness.” This means finding solutions for student debt, credit card debt, or starting an emergency fund. And younger clients also want to address the needs of their extended family and friends – a new potential client base.

The good news is there is now software to help you engage prospects and strengthen relationships with young clients around these topics.

Join us as we discuss trends driving change and digital transformation in wealth management. Vijay Raghavan, Senior Analyst at Forrester, will share how levels of self-directedness are driving new customer segmentation models across the industry. You’ll also learn how Envestnet MoneyGuide is transforming the advisor-client dynamic through MyBlocks, interactive modules that allow clients to better serve their needs and provide them with powerful tools and resources needed to answer complex financial wellness questions.

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  • How fintech entrants are winning customers with new and engaging digital experiences and how to better define the next generation of self-directed clients for your firm.
  • Understand how investor behavior and preferences will help prioritize the right technologies for your business.
  • Create more meaningful, personalized, and productive experiences for your clients.
  • How to leverage MyBlocks from Envestnet MoneyGuide to help you prospect, onboard, and engage clients.

Featured Presenters:

Vijay Raghavan
Senior Analyst
Robert McCarthy
Account Manager
Envestnet | MoneyGuide
David Adler
Wealth Management & Behavioral Finance Expert

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